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Tailored Services For Any Sized Fleet

Size really doesn't matter. We can customize a program for any sized fleet.

Accident Management

When it comes to repairing collision damage on fleet vehicles, our goal is to make repairs quickly to minimize lost revenue.


Our customers include car rental and leasing companies, government and municipal agencies, telecommunications providers, food & beverage companies, overnight delivery services, national retailers, and more. We stand behind our work 100% and offer these advantages:


  • Complete collision and spot repair

  • Client control of claims process

Truck Service Repair

Proactive Maintenance – To ensure your service vehicles work seamlessly, it is important to regularly maintain them. 


  • Tire Rotations and Alignments

  • Engine Maintenance and Repair

  • Chasis Repairs

  • Oil Changes and More - WE’VE GOT YOUR FLEET COVERED

Rebranding and Detailing

Nick & Ernie's fleet experts are dedicated to helping you visually build your brand.


Our team is highly skilled at managing large and small vehicle rebranding projects and will work with you to figure out the logistics of an efficient rebranding plan by assessing unit locations and creating the appropriate market schedules. Our corporate identity services include:


  • Computerized brand-color matching

  • Graphics consultation

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